EACS Situation Room is a center for situation monitoring in crisis situations, which is activated when necessary in the event of major security changes in the world.

We are currently monitoring the South China Sea dispute.

Sitaution Room – South China Sea dispute: 7.4.2021

The US has sent the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group to the South China Sea for a second time this year.

A Chinese military anti-submarine aircraft entered Taiwan’s southwest air defence identification zone.

France, US, Japan, India and Australia began two days of joint naval exercises in the South China Sea.

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(Picture source: U.S. Navy/MCSN Eduardo A. Torres)


Sitaution Room – South China Sea dispute: 31.3.2021

220 Chinese fishing ships are still anchored in the Whitsun Reef, within the claimed exclusive economic zone of the Philippines.

Twenty Chinese military planes entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone.

Taiwanese military increased their force training and further strengthened its defence infrastructure on Itu Abo Island.

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(Picture source: Maxar Technologies/AFP)