This analysis explores the substantial shifts in international security driven by Russia’s aggressive strategies, marking a critical turning point in global geopolitical dynamics. It explores NATO’s strategic adaptations to the resurgence of conventional warfare in Europe, emphasising the alliance’s pivot towards quicker decision-making and enhanced readiness in response to continuous Russian provocations. The study also assesses the evolution of Russian military tactics, particularly the integration of hybrid warfare strategies such as cyber-attacks, disinformation campaigns, and economic coercion. The article further assesses the profound implications for European and global security, with particular focus on the economic and information dimensions of modern conflicts. It underscores the need for robust defence capabilities and economic resilience among Western democracies, advocating for substantial upgrades and modernisation of both military and civilian defence infrastructures. Additionally, it stresses the importance of effective public communication strategies to counter misinformation and foster public awareness and engagement. Ultimately, the study calls for urgent strategic preparedness and international collaboration to confront the evolving threats posed by Russian expansionism, ensuring that the global community can navigate these challenges and maintain stability in a volatile geopolitical landscape.


Vol. 5 No. 5, 2024: Navigating a Resurgent Threat Strategic Dynamics and Implications of Russian Expansionism (Kosirnik) [ENG]



  • Matic Kosirnik is a bachelor’s student in Defence Studies at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and serves as a board member of the youth section of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia. He has presented his research on international security at international forums and actively contributes to discussions on contemporary security issues.

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