On Thursday, February 1, 2024, the 29th regular session of the Annual Assembly of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia was held at the Faculty of Social Sciences. This time the assembly was particularly important, as it was an electoral assembly, where EACS members elected new leadership and the members of the executive committees for the next 4-year period (2024-2028).

Until the quorum of the session was ensured, those present listened to a short lecture by the president of EACS, Dr. Iztok Prezelj and the newly elected vice-president of EACS, Dr. Jelena Juvan, on the subject of the war in Ukraine. This was followed by the active work of all members according to the pre-determined agenda of the meeting, including the election of the working committee of the assembly, a report on the work of the association in the previous year, a report on the work of the Youth Section in the previous year, a report on financial and material operations in 2023, report of the supervisory board, adoption of program guidelines for 2024 and 2025 and confirmation of the financial plan for 2024, election of members of the association’s executive committees for the next period (2024-2028) and other important issues regarding the association.

We wish successful and active work to the newly elected leadership of EASS and members who were elected to the executive committees of the association.