EACS youth section members Tara Miler and Matic Kosirnik attended the 22nd traditional Berlin Security Conference, which took place on November 29 and 30, 2023, in Berlin. This significant event, with thirty-six presentations in the form of addresses, panels, and discussions, and over 100 different speakers, represented a wide range of security content. It brought together leading politicians, high-ranking military officers, academics, and experts in defense and security to jointly address the key pressing issues of global security.

The conference highlighted the urgency of strengthening the European security structure, especially in the context of contemporary security challenges and the war in Ukraine, and the need to adapt to new security realities. Admiral Rob Bauer, the Chair of the NATO Military Committee, emphasized a new era of collective defense that requires greater readiness and resilience.

The focus was also on confronting hybrid threats, such as cyber attacks and fake news, and on Germany’s role in defense policy, which has undergone a historic shift with the term “kriegstüchtigkeit,” meaning it must be militarily prepared for high-intensity, large-scale warfare. This conference clearly showed that security challenges are complex and require joint, adaptable, and decisive action.

The full report on the conference can be read in the link below, where we provide a more detailed insight into the discussions and key findings of the event.