In the new issue of the Euro-Atlantic Bulletin, Boštjan Šefic* writes about new security challenges, rapid and unpredictable political and other changes, which demand that the national security system is well prepared. The Slovenian national security system can be made very effective with some relatively small interventions and upgrades. This will increase our security and a significant comparative advantage over many countries. The article proposes a number of measures that would require a professional, weighty and in-depth discussion. On the basis of these, any changes would be implemented in a deliberate and gradual manner.


Vol. 4 No. 3, 2023: Premislek o možnih izhodiščih nadgradnje slovenskega nacionalno varnostnega sistema (Šefic) [SLO]


*Boštjan Šefic is a former advisor for national security to the President of the Republic of Slovenia, State Secretary at the Ministry of Health and the Deputy Director of SOVA.