In the paper, the author presents a critical view of the applicability of the concept of connected security in defining national security policies and adapting security assurance models. This concept, in search of synergistic and complementary effects of the country’s resistance, deterrence and defense capabilities, represents a robust security capital of the country, where the responsibility for security and protection is also transferred to the individual and collective potential of society. Changes in the modern international security environment increasingly show the need for broad inclusiveness of society in the comprehensive provision of national security and defense. The author addresses these changes not only in the systemic, structural or capacity sense, but also in the sense of the ability to accept a new mentality, which significantly interferes with the current, traditional approach to the formulation of national security policies, even in the Republic of Slovenia.


Vol. 4 No. 4, 2023: Čas za razmislek in revizijo nacionalnovarnostne politike Republike Slovenije? (Pavel Vuk) [SLO]