March 29, 2024, marked a pivotal day for the Republic of Slovenia as it celebrated two decades of NATO membership. This significant occasion was commemorated with panel discussions at Brdo pri Kranju, organized by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, and the General Staff of the Slovenian Armed Forces. Held on March 28, 2024, the event brought together high-level leaders and experts from various fields of defence and international security, including members of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia’s youth section, Matic Kosirnik, Evdokija Josifoska, and Tara Miler.

The discussions underscored the necessity of increasing defence spending, bolstering national resilience, and enhancing interoperability within the alliance, highlighting the adaptation to emerging security challenges. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been a stark reminder of the urgent need for robust collective defence and deterrence mechanisms.
As an integral NATO member, Slovenia plays a crucial role in adjusting to these challenges, with a focus on boosting defence capabilities and national resilience. This strategy extends beyond mere military investment, encompassing enhanced preparedness against cyber and hybrid threats. Emphasized was the comprehensive security approach that intertwines military and civilian efforts, vital for maintaining peace and stability in an era of unpredictability and uncertainty. Collective effort and adaptation to new security landscapes are imperative for safeguarding our shared future.

For more in-depth insights, we invite you to read the article on the event by Matic Kosirnik: