In today’s security environment, an electricity supply is no longer a given. This was also demonstrated by Dr. Iztok Prezelj, Dr. Klemen Kocjančič, Dr. Zvone Košnjek, and Mag. Anja Kolak at the presentation of the results of the project E-armageddon Scenario: Societal Consequences of Major Power Outages. The authors presented some examples of major power outages and their consequences around the world and highlighted the power outage in Slovenia caused by the 2014 ice storm.

Based on an analysis of the consequences of major blackouts in different sectors of society, the authors assess that Slovenia is well prepared for such events, but that collateral damage would still occur over time. The authors find the greatest dependence on electricity in the information and telecommunications sector and highlight the lack of awareness among the general population of the consequences of a prolonged power outage. Namely, the weakest link in such a scenario are households that would experience the problems with heating of living areas and water and air conditioning.

Založba FDV has also published a book entitled E-ARMAGEDON – social consequences of major power outages, which you can read at the link (in Slovenian).