In this paper, the authors introduce Open Security as a contribution to the collective defense narrative. Open Security is premised on the principle of active citizenry. Active citizens are recognized as both receiver and provider of security. To successfully operate within an unstructured and fluid environment, it is necessary to break free of constraints imposed by doctrine and dogma. The Joint Civil-Military Interaction (JCMI) Research and Education Network is a voluntary group of Human Security scholars and practitioners in the United States and Europe who have one goal: exploring the borders of Human Security, stepping away from the constraints of doctrine, and recognizing that the military cannot be the only voice speaking about and judging security and defense. Open Defense is a dynamic security mind-set based on the need and responsibility of individuals to protect themselves and their local community. Efficient individual and collective resilience is a precondition for context specific security and defense. A new view of Civil Defense as security partner is needed. The webinar organized on 15 February 2023 was a result of cooperation between Joint Civil-Military Interaction, Interacta Global Network, Middle Georgia State University, Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia, Multi-National Joint HQ Ulm and War, Peace, and Justice Institute. It was a small, but necessary step forward that contributed to conceptualization of the concepts of open security and open defense.


Vol. 4 No. 2, 2023: Exploring the New Concept of Open Defense (Thomas Matyók, Srečko Zajc, Maj Fritz) [ENG]