The goals and tasks of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia are:

  • educating and informing the public about problems and solutions in the field of ensuring peace and security in international relations;
  • studying the processes run by international organizations of peace and security in the world, with the emphasis on integration in the Euro-Atlantic area;
  • supporting the active role of the Republic of Slovenia in the EU, NATO and other Euro-Atlantic organizations;
  • cooperation with similar organizations in the Republic of Slovenia, whose common goal is peace and security;
  • liaising with kindred organizations around the world dealing with similar issues, including the Atlantic Treaty Association and its members;
  • organization of conferences, seminars, round tables, excursions and lectures;
  • publishing popular and professional literature.


The Euro- Atlantic Council of Slovenia is committed to strengthening the cooperation between EU, NATO and their member states, with a special focus on the regional security issues in the Western Balkans.