Protecting critical infrastructure against cyber threats

An analysis of relevant regulation, good practices, international law and norms

Final report with recommendations based on expert consultations


On Tuesday 26 July 2022, the final report on cyber threats, regulations and good protection practices, and critical infrastructure against cyber threats was launched in New York and online. The report is the analytical result of four seminars conducted by the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia, the Government Information Security Office, and Microsoft. The report focuses on the protection of critical infrastructure in the energy, banking, healthcare, and water supply sectors.
Critical infrastructure and related services are at the core of our society, but their online presence makes them increasingly vulnerable to the threats of cyberspace. Various actors use this space for various abuses, collecting data (spying), demanding ransoms, and deliberately destroying or disrupting services. In the area of critical infrastructure, such attacks can cause a serious crisis of wider societal dimensions. It is therefore important for providers and users to rethink the security measures and protection.


You can view the report at the link:  Protecting CI against cyber threats – final report