Bohinjska Bela, 18. 7. 2020

Members of EACS presented the role of NATO at the annual student military camp in Bohinjska bela.

The following points were highlighted:

  • history of NATO,
  • reasons for establishment,
  • the concept of alliance,
  • the essence of collective defense and the North Atlantic Treaty,
  • decision-making in NATO and the role of Slovenia,
  • EU-NATO connection,
  • the values ​​on which NATO is based,
  • financing the defense budget and NATO,
  • NATO operations,
  • NATO enlargement, etc.

Great emphasis was also placed on explaining the role of the Republic of Slovenia in relation to NATO and the usefulness of cooperation in relation to small countries such as Slovenia.

We find that the topic for the camp participants represents an extremely relevant context in the training, as the presentation was followed by many questions and a quality discussion with the participants.