The paper presents and discusses the European integration process as an example of a value-based solution seeking process and compares it with the Indo-Pacific region as a recent object of a systematic EU’s policy attention. The author proposes that the intensity and complexity of regional multilateral networking should be advanced to reach a firm level of complementarity. The European experience should be taken into account within the specifics of the Indo-Pacific region.


The Indo-Pacific Region has become recently a highly frequent object of political, diplomatic and policy attention. During the Slovene and French Presidencies of the European Council, respectively, it remains high on the agenda /…/ European integration process is the result of centuries long development in the context of dynamic, complex and turbulent European history that accelerated after the end of the Cold War. Its current picture shows many useful achievements that could be, having in mind given regional specifics, useful in other parts of the globe.”


Vol. 3 – No. 1,  2022: European Integration Process and the Indo-Pacific Region (Jazbec) [ENG]